Midsummer 2016

Another successful event for the Tyr’s Guard!
A few of us were able to get together for Blot to celebrate the Midsummer and honor the gods in proper fashion.

The pictures below do not have everyone that was there. And it was not at the place we held the event. Osred told us of a very nice place we could have the event.  The spot on the Merri Creek where John Batman made his treaty with the local Aboriginal tribes that led to the founding of Melbourne.

Today’s event had special meaning the the leaders and Members to the our young Hearth. Today marks 1 full year since the our first Tyr’s Guard event.

So a big thank you to all that attended.
Hail the Folk! Hail the Gods!
Hail The Tyr’s Guard Odinic Hearth!
May we see many more midsummer’s and more folk joining us!


The Folk

Connecting with the gods through ritual is a big and important part of our spiritual path. But it is only one part.

It is also important to build bonds between the folk you do such things with. Out and about enjoying the natural world, having some fun and generally enjoying life with other people on the Odinist / Asatrue Paths.

Here are a few pictures of some of us doing just that. Meeting up in Yarra Junction. From there we went to the Ada Tree. A very pretty walk through the bush to the tree it self. Then we went Cray fishing on the upper Yarra river.


Our Ritual Mjolnir

I have been asked now and then “What is that for?” in reference to the ritual Mjolnir I have made.

I generally just answer with, “For ritual purposes.”  Though I find this answer rather lacking.

To really know what it is for you have to know what it is. It is quite obviously not the actual Mighty hammer of Thor him self. It is more than the sum of it parts of wood, brass and leather. It is a symbol of the energies and the concepts it represents. Like any good symbol it tells you many stories and represents many things. So in different rituals it is used for different reasons.

For the most part it is used as a symbol of Thor’s role as a protector. So in Blot and hallowing rituals it is used to bless and protect the ground, tools and the people within the circle of ritual.

During a wedding ceremony it can be used as a fertility symbol. Effectively as the groom pass’s it to the bride it symbolically suggests the grooms intention to mate and have children with her, and only her. Giving her is loyalty, strength and protection in all things.

Mjolnir is also considered a weapon of truth and justice. So when making an oath or speaking on matters of law or honor it is held to symbolize that the speaker is speaking truthfully and honestly.

These are just a few examples of it’s use in this form. In other forms, such as a tattoo or pendant, it has other meanings or uses.


Our First Full Sized Banner

This is the Hearths 1st Banner being Held up by two of the founding members, Ulf (left) Robert (right). The design was a group effort. The final banner was ordered and donated to the group by one of our members, Hayden.

A great deal of thought was put into this design. Being a “Odinic Hearth” the Valknut was a no brainier. As one of the two most common symbols used with in the Odinist / Asatru faith, and it’s many meanings it was a must have from the word go. Being a Hearth named for Tyr, the Tiwaz rune also a must have. It is also very much a symbol that speaks and represents the energies and ideas we as a group hope to inspire in the world. The Aegishjalmar / Helm of Awe being a symbol of strength and protection, designed too give the wearer the ability to break through resistance. Vegvisir / Runic compass too keep us going in the rite spiritual direction and too help us guide others in finding their way. Last of all the Sun Wheel / Odin’s Cross holding it all together. This says a great many things too many people. The most obvious being that of the sun it self and the cycles of the four seasons created but the Earths movement around it.



Some work from our members.

A few pictures of wood work, banner art and other projects from some of our guys. I hope there will be and varied posts like this to follow as time moves along.

First up is a joint effort between a few of our guys. Our Hearth banner. Robert and Ulf being the main in-put of design. Dan taking the concept and making it look good. Eventually leading to Hayden getting out 1st banner printed. (Picture of the to follow in later post)

New Heath Banner

This is a quick knock up by Tory. Cheap, easy but effective modern mock up of a bearded axe.


A couple of Yggdrasil carvings. The one on the right being a very popular version, the design having been taken from a profile picture for a group on social media.

15783_10152427275618227_7576664398211007896_n 20140330_173423

Sleipnir. Odin’s Great steed.


Everyone should recognize Volknut. A symbol of may meanings and interpretations. The runes around are burnt in to add too and support some of these.


The Nine Noble Virtues written in Runes, surrounding many spiritual symbols of our folk. This is a common fixing at out hearth events. It serves as a reminder of what our Hearth works for and as protection to all of those that are welcome around it.


A great symbol on it’s own, Mighty Mjolnir. This was made for the purpose of ritual use. The Valknut, sun wheel and all the runes of the Elder Futhark (arranged into 8 rune songs) all adding to the visual and spiritual might of this powerful symbol.


Our Midwinter / Yule Blot. June 2015.

Tyr’s Guard Odinic Hearth’s first official Blot to celebrate the Midwinter / Yule. It was a great turn out, every one had a great time.  We used a print out from another Hearth’s Yule Blot as our guide line for this one. Unfortunately the printer was not working so it ended up being written out by hand.

A great feast for the event was put on by our hosts. And butter cakes were brought for dessert by one of our Hearth guests.

This is the sun wheel we had made for the event. Being a symbol, it says a great many things that would take along time to go over in words. Many of which were spoken about around the fire later. But in this case we used it mostly to represent the shining light of Sunnar and her returning to the world after a long winter.

20150620_174442 20150620_143629

A couple of shot of every one sitting around the fire having a few drinks. It was a cold clear night outside. But we were all kept warm by the fire and strong feelings of kinship and hospitality shared by all. Around this time we also had a sumble. A ritual designed to strengthen bonds between folk and share in each others spiritual might.

20150620_221512_LLS 20150620_221525_LLS

A few of the guys present on the night. I think it may be obvious that a few of us have had a few drinks by now. But every one was happy and enjoying a night without incident. There were also a few others out side the pictures, children and partners.


Our Hearths 1st Midsummer Blot. January 2015.

This was our first Blot under our own Hearth name. Though it was not officially organised and a spur of the moment event, everything went well. It would have been nice if we had a few more people with us, but the main guys were there and a few guests of the hearth as well.

We used the AFA’s Asatru Book of Blotar and Rituals as our guide for this one. We made do with tools we could find for the ritual equipment.

This is a few of our guys and guest on the day.


Our make shift alter and hammer. The horn is one regularly used by our group. The pendant around the old hammer was hand made by one of our guys. Everything else is owned by varied members.


These are just a couple of shots of the people present, out enjoying the beautiful Midsummer day and company of good folk.